Wednesday, January 28, 2009


80 Squats, 40 Kb Swing, 20 Burpees
64 Squats, 32 Kb Swing, 16 Burpees
48 Squats, 24 Kb Swing, 12 Burpees
32 Squats, 16 Kb Swings, 8 Burpees
24 Squats, 12 Kb Swings, 6 Burpees
16 Squats, 8 Kb Swings, 3 Burpees

38:27 with a 12K KB

I just didn't have enough fight in me today. My KB swings were ugly as hell. I didn't get any decent ones until the last round. I don't know what it is, sometimes the KB swings are no problem and other times they just suck out all my life force. I just want to move on from this one....

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