Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dead Swings Under Revisited

Deadlifts (M185lbs/F135lbs)
KB Swings (M55lbs/F36lbs)
Double Unders

10:20 with a 185 DL and 36 KB

I killed my time from last time we did Dead Swing Under by 5:32. It's somewhat amazing to me that I was able to improve that much in just a short amount of time, particularly because the first time I subbed tuck jumps for double-unders (tuck jumps are far faster than repeated failed attempts at doubles).

However, my form was still terrible on all the movements. My dead lifts were way too much back, and not enough leg, my hip aren't nearly as explosive as they need to be on the swings, and I still haven't got one damn double under.

I need to just keep drilling my form until I get them to look like Sven's. Man that guy killed it tonight.


  1. Dude, you are already doing full weight dead lifts? That's hardcore. This work out stuff is about progression, and letting your body catch up to what you are doing, so don't hurt yourself.

  2. Yeah, I'm fairly strong in my back which is part of the problem. Because I'm strong in that area, relative to others, I can get the weight up without using good technique. I'm working on it though. I fell asleep last night imagining myself doing them properly :)

    My back isn't hurting me today at all, so I'm not worried about a 185 dead lift hurting me (unless of course I do something stupid), but If I'm ever gonna get better I need to focus on getting more technical.

    I am being careful though....

    Besides its the kettlebell swings that mess me up :)

  3. oh yeah

    thanks for my first comment