Friday, March 20, 2009

20 Mar 09 - Ball Slamming Burpee TapouT

Boys get 20lb Slamball, girls get 15lb Slamball.

1 Slamball, 1 Burpee the pass the ball until everyone goes
2 Slamball, 2 Burpees
3 Slamball, 3 Burpees
You will go until there is one person left. This WOD is all about mental toughness and the willingness to force yourself not to quit.

I was knocked out in the 13th round by the guy that got 2nd place. His burpees were lightning fast and it was all I could do to hold him off for as long as I did. I could have done more slams and burpees, but I couldn't do the burpees fast enough to stay in

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