Friday, March 6, 2009

Burpee Happy Hour

150 Burpees for time.

Incentive - Do 50 in a row with no rest and you are done. Break in the first 50, you do all 150. You put out, you get rewarded. If you can't get 50 in a row, take an extra 100 to practice.


Well I'm all conflicted about this one. So my plan all day was to go 100% for the first 50 (I was confident that I could get them all without stopping), and then take it down a few notches and finish out the rest for good measure.

Gabe says go... I am going as fast as I can....Gabe correcting some weak form (I wasn't getting my chest to the deck for a few, I was hitting my stomach and coming back up).

...and then I get to 50: 1:57 or something like that... thats a bit too fast not to be suspicious and Gabe absolutely doesn't believe it. Whatever Gabe says goes so it doesn't count but I really don't feel like I miscounted. I'm not saying I didn't, but it bothers me that I dont have that nagging feeling that "yeah I might have skipped the 40s" or something like that.

I just really dont want to be one of those guys that has a reputation for shorting reps.... I hope this incident doesn't put that in any of the trainers minds

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  1. Hey there - saw your blog from Gabe's deal, he's a friend of mine. I find the blogging deal is helpful; I'm training for a boxing match coming up, and blogging keeps me from bugging my friends about my workouts (since it's the only thing I do/think about lately).

    Anyway, I took some good tips and workouts off this here, thanks for posting.

    And I know how you feel about being nervous on getting a reputation for short-repping. I've done the same thing. :)