Monday, March 30, 2009

30 Mar 09 - Body Weight Fundamentals

Complete all 5 rounds for time of:

Pull-up/push-up/ squats
• 25-15-5
• 20-15-10
• 15-15-15
• 10-15-20
• 5-15-25

28:12 Rx'd

75 Freakin' kips!!!! I am really excited I pulled this off. Sure my time was slow, and my pushups were too saggy, but I hit my goal of 5 linked kips 1 week ahead of time, did 60 more pull-ups, and did other work on top of it.

I think I've hit on a new trick for my air squats too. My biggest form break down on my squat are my knees tendency to cave or wobble in and out while I run through the ROM. My new trick is to squat with hands together and elbow out setting a width gauge for my knees. That helps me have a tactile correction on each rep if I'm caving and also helps me focus on where my knees are at various points in the ROM.

I also just realized that very soon I will be able to make a serious go at Fran (the holy grail benchmark WOD, even if it is over-hyped a bit). I think once I can link 10, Fran will start to be a truely valid benchmark for my capacity.

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